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Agricultural – farm and estates insurance

To safeguard your livelihood and maintain the growth of your business it’s important to protect your buildings, staff, stock and machinery.

We have over twenty five years of experience doing this for our clients. We listen and learn and understand the particular challenges of your business before putting together the right policy – so you’ll have sufficient cover at a competitive price but without paying for any extras that you don’t need.

We’ll then explain the merits of our recommendation so that you’re 100% confident you have the right policy for the business.

Later, in the event that you need to make a claim, we’ll be there to guide and support you through what can sometimes be a frustrating process.

For an initial chat, call us now on 01635 551433. We’re always happy to help.

How you will benefit from using us.

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Agricultural – farm and estates insurance


How we can help – some of the options we may review with you

  • Public liability insurance – protection against claims from the public.
  • Employers liability insurance – protection against claims made by employees.
  • Cover for farm premises, stock, business interruption and goods in transit.
  • Vehicle and Livestock insurance.
  • Material damage insurance - cover for your farm buildings, machinery, contents, stock and other assets.
  • Livestock insurance cover - for loss or injury/death as well as cover for some infectious diseases.
  • Hail damage insurance - hail cover for certain types of crops.
  • Engineering breakdown and inspection - protecting any essential equipment used on your farm, including legal requirements.
  • Environmental liability - cover for environmental damage caused from your land.
  • Vehicles - cover for single tractors up to a farm fleet. Can include cover for farm trailers whether they're attached or not.
  • Insurance for estates - cover for mansions and their contents, properties that open to the public.

Call us now on 01635 551433. We’ll be happy to help.


Agricultural – farm and estates insurance